Under a Dark Cloud

One dead body. One witness. One answer.

DS Robin Butler has started putting his life back together. These days, he sleeps better. Unlike his partner DC Freya West, who is plagued by nightmares since the events of nine months ago.

When early one morning Robin receives a call to attend a crime scene, it is not as a policeman but as best friend to Dr Finn Mason. A renowned meteorologist, Finn has locked himself in a van with a dead body and refuses to leave. Once he eventually does, it is as a suspected murderer.

Butler immediately seeks to find evidence that Finn is innocent of the crime. When Freya reveals the extent of her own struggles, the two work together in the search for answers. In the process, Freya has to decide if she will allow the past to consume her. But the truth may prove more painful than either could imagine. Do both detectives stand to lose more than they can bear?

A tense and atmospheric police procedural from the author of the unforgettable Last Place You Look.

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